Fullhurst Community College

Fullhurst Community College

Phase 1 of Fullhurst was completed in January 2009 with Phase 2 completed for handover at the start of September 2009.

Advance work in the Summer of 2008 plus re-programming and acceleration of the construction works resulted in the building contractors finishing on site in September 2009 instead of the programmed June 2010 completion date.


Fullhurst Community College is a mixed 11-16 school serving the community of Braunstone in Leicester.

LMEC have delivered a part new build, part refurbished school of just under 10,500 m² at a value of just over £12m.

The school is a combination of high quality new design whilst retaining the character of the existing school. The existing main school spine has been refurbished with the front facade retained. A new build extension to the rear, incorporating the existing school hall contains new IT rich flexible teaching spaces.


The new building is clad in green Trespa panelling with aluminium ribbon windows producing a stunning effect around the steel frame, concrete floors and standing seam roof.

Comments: Michael McPherson, Principal at the time of completion:

"We are very excited by the prospect of our new School. The facilities and technology will be second to none. The Schools design integrates the tradition of our historic building with modern architecture. For Fullhurst, BSF will put the School at the heart of the Community and give people a focal point for high quality education."

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